Plants do not purify the home air, unfortunately, the properties of plants are not sufficient to clean up the home environment. Paints, detergents, cleaning products: our homes are too polluted.

The theory of plants that purify the air in the home

The origin of the theory that plants are capable of improving air quality in the home environment dates back to the 1980s when NASA decided to carry out studies to understand how to clean the air of space stations.

After some research, the astronauts would have understood that the plants could have been the solution to improve the air quality inside the spacecraft and it seems they have started to use them as “natural purifiers”. Plant organisms have the ability to eliminate volatile organic compounds from closed environments.

However, the experiments done for NASA were never performed in a real home environment but only in laboratories. For this reason, recent research published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology would deny the theory.

Plants do not purify the home air: confirmation

According to the recent study, 2 plants per square meter would be needed to purify the polluted air in our homes. To eliminate all the toxins present in the home environment, our homes should thus turn into small indoor forests. This would make the humidity levels of the air very high and would, therefore, be a problem.

How to reduce home pollution

The first rule for a less polluted house is definitely to open the windows. If plants cannot help us to clean the air in the home environment, it is very useful to let the rooms air. But be careful not to exceed, especially for those who live in the city: even the pollution that comes from outside may not be a cure-all for the air you breathe in the house. Also, check that the vents and ventilation filters are not blocked and avoid smoking inside.