The flowers are always a pleasing thought on many occasions and always accompany an ‘ emotion. Receiving them as a gift or giving them away is a simple and cheap gesture but, in reality, full of meaning.

In fact, through the beauty, the colors and the names of the different flowers existing in nature, a different message can be transmitted, linked to history and very ancient traditions.

Each of them has its own unique and profound meaning, which can also be transmitted through colors.

Passion red, jealousy yellow, white purity but not only.
In this article, we want to give some suggestions to learn about the meanings of flowers, which will serve to better understand which is the right one for every occasion. Curious to know which to donate for happy news or a job goal?

Let’s find out the meanings and names of 10 flowers together :

1) Holly

Holly, widely used during the Christmas period, has prickly leaves to which it is attributed is given the meaning of defense, precaution, but also of eternity. In fact, it was thought, in antiquity, that it guaranteed protection from the wicked and bad weather. It is said that the Druids used it to drive out evil spirits and that Pliny the Elder, in the first century BC, advised to plant it near the front door, to protect it from the perfidy of the wicked. Today it is remembered as a ” woe betide ” and is perfect for decorating bouquets, floral arrangements and gift boxes for the Christmas holidays as a wish for good luck.

2) Laurel

The laurel, consecrated to Apollo, has been considered, since ancient times, the symbol of glory. Laurel wreaths were placed on the heads of the winners of the wars, the poetic certain, and the Olympics. In addition, the twigs of laurel, intertwined with each other, were worn as crowns by emperors. This plant is ideal to be given as a gift to celebrate an important milestone, such as a degree or a job promotion, for a victory in sport or in life.

3) Calla

The calla, with a unique and elegant appearance as its name suggests, which in Greek means beautiful, evokes elegance and nobility. The flowers of this plant are perfect for expressing esteem and sincere admiration, sincere and heartfelt friendship. Etiquette suggests reserving white calla lilies for brides but it is not incorrect to pay homage to them even in case of baptisms, communions, and ceremonies related to purification.

4) Dahlia

Dahlia is a flower of a thousand varieties and colors that develops quickly and blooms in a conspicuous way from June until October. These plants live very well in the sun and are afraid of humidity. The dahlia was used for food for a long time. Its ” goodness ” is linked to the meaning of gratitude, usually attributed to the flower. In fact, giving or receiving a dahlia expresses a heartfelt thanks in a gentle and refined way.

5) Heather

Heather is a dual-meaning plant. In fact, the white color means protection, admiration, hope that dreams and desires come true, while the pink-lilac color takes on the meaning of solitude. This autumn flower is present in different colors and is used to make colorful compositions, centerpieces, garlands, and decorations. Heather is perfect for expressing participation in an event, or moment of life.

6) Cornflower

The cornflower has a light and delicate petals that inspire sensitivity and freshness. Eastern tradition has it that lovers will give it to their loved one in the hope of obtaining happiness and love from her. Giving this flower is perfect to express the affection of sincere friendship and to declare your love.

7) Carnation

Over the centuries, carnations have been given many meanings. Mythology links him to the hunting goddess Diana and her abandoned lover, instead the Christian tradition to the tears of Mary grieved at the foot of the cross of Christ. Furthermore, according to the different shades of its colors, these flowers express: for red love, for white admiration and pink for loyalty. the various stages of love according to its color Carnations are perfect for communicating one’s love to the desired person.

8) Jasmine

Jasmine is a flower with a very intense aroma linked to the sphere of feelings. In some parts of Tuscany, it is traditional for brides to add a sprig of jasmine to their bouquet, with the hope that it will bring luck to the future husband. This flower is used to express love and hope of happiness for the loved one. The meaning of its colors is elegance yellow, amiability white, and desire red.

9) Sunflower

The meaning of the sunflower is joy and joy. These flowers have a millennial tradition. In fact, they are the symbol of the sun and were also highly appreciated by kings, artists, poets, and writers. For its lively, colorful beauty and simplicity, the sunflower is synonymous with summer and joy. This flower can be given on any occasion on a sunny summer day.

10) Iris

The meaning of iris is good news. For its multiplicity of colors and shades, it bears the name of the Greek divinity Iris. In fact, in mythology, she was the messenger of the Gods who used the rainbow to create a “bridge” between Olympus and Earth. For this reason, Iris has always been synonymous with good news and its flowers are ideal for giving happy news.