1) Ingredients

Aloe vera gel is a perfect natural compound for those who have to deal with skin lesions due to sunburns or burns, thanks to its healing and refreshing properties. To prepare it at home, you only need:

  • 1) three leaves of aloe vera ;
  • 2) a spoonful of wheat germ oil, corresponding to 10grams;
  • 3) a spoonful of lemon juice, corresponding to 10 milliliters.

The gel prepared at home has the advantage of being organic and, therefore, of not damaging the environment in any way, as it is free of chemical preservatives.

2) The preparation

First of all, it is important to remember to water the aloe plant every day in the 5 days preceding the preparation: in this way, you can be sure of finding it in perfect condition when it is cut. When proceeding, it is necessary to take three leaves: obviously, if you need a greater quantity of gel, you can double or triple the doses of all the ingredients. Once the leaves are taken, it is essential to remove the side edges where the thorns are present with the help of a knife.

3) How to treat the leaves

At this point, the aloe vera leaves must be placed inside a container filled with water and left to soak for at least a day, being careful to change the water every four hours. This procedure is used to disperse all aloin, a substance present in the leaves that could be toxic.

After at least twenty-four hours, the leaves can be extracted from the water: now the pulp can be removed. All in all, a little complicated operation: all you have to do is open the leaves in half with a knife by making side incisions.

4) The extraction of the pulp

To extract the pulp from which the aloe vera gel will be obtained, you can help yourself with a spatula or a spoon. The pulp must, therefore, be mixed in a bowl together with wheat germ oil and lemon juice: the addition of these ingredients is intended to amplify and enhance the properties of the gel, by virtue of the content of antioxidants and of vitamin E that characterizes them.

When all the ingredients are well mixed together, the mixture can be blended at medium-high speed, so as to obtain a whitish-colored cream with a rather dense consistency: both a normal blender and an immersion blender can be used.

5) The gel is ready!

The gel obtained must be poured into a glass jar closed with an airtight lid: in order to last longer, it is good to keep it protected from light, in the refrigerator. All that remains is to start taking advantage of all the properties of this fabulous gel!

But the incredible properties of this plant do not end there. Let’s now discover six natural beauty remedies with aloe vera.

Aloe vera: a natural remedy for health and beauty

Already in Cleopatra’s time, aloe vera pulp was used as a moisturizing cream to keep skin young. The gel that is extracted from the plant can be used as a regulator of the activity of the immune system, detoxifying and for gastrointestinal problems, but also for various beauty treatments.

Let’s discover together 6 formidable natural remedies based on aloe vera:

6) Against sunburn and insect bites

Aloe can give great relief to the skin in case of sunburn or insect bites, also reducing redness. To extract the fresh gel from the plant, simply cut a strip, starting from the tip of the leaf, and tap the part containing the gel directly on the part of the affected skin. In addition to relieving the burning sensation, aloe gel is very fresh and will be a real cure for your skin.

5) Moisturizing face cream

The anti-inflammatory, refreshing and regenerating action of aloe vera makes this plant very suitable for dermatitis and sensitive skin. After cutting a piece of leaf, simply extract the gel and spread it on the face. To keep it, just add a few drops of lemon and put the mixture in a container.

4) Against wounds

Aloe vera, thanks to its properties moisturizing, regenerating and healing, can speed the healing of wounds, promoting the formation of the fabric. As if that were not enough, it also boasts analgesic properties, excellent for fighting the formation of bacteria.

3) Eye contour

We are used to buying cream on cream, concealers, and foundation to cover and hide dark circles and bags under the eyes. Wasted money! Because it is enough to have an aloe plant at home and a few other natural ingredients to create the most powerful ally against panda eyes! By combining a teaspoon of aloe with a few drops of rice oil, a drop of rosemary essential oil ( anti-stress and antioxidant ), lemon or blue chamomile, you get an effective eye contour that can be kept for a few days in the refrigerator.

2) Body scrub

With aloe vera, you can also prepare a natural scrub for the whole body. The recipe for this DIY beauty treatment is very simple: after mixing a little salt with wheat germ, argan or jojoba oil, add half a cup of aloe gel. Apply the mixture on the body by massaging for a few minutes and finally rinse.

1) Post-depilatory cream

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, aloe vera can also be used in the post-depilatory phase, especially on the most sensitive skin. After having applied a natural oil such as, for example, propolis, spread the aloe gel to give irritated skin immediate relief.