The stressful times not lacking in life and somehow trying to survive by devising different solutions. Some try to “manage” stress by practicing sports, those who go out of town on the weekend and then there are also those who try to relax simply by going out with friends.

Of course, not everyone knows that being surrounded by nature helps fight stress. But, if maybe you can’t reach naturalistic destinations so frequently, how can you enjoy some greenery?

In fact, there is a way to combat stress and be surrounded by nature without leaving home: surround yourself with plants that help you relax! Clearly, this does not mean transforming your home into a tropical forest or a greenhouse, just choose the right location.

The plants we are talking about are quite common and there should be no difficulty finding them on the market. They help to relax, to fight stress, to remove the sense of frustration and negative energies.

Let’s find out which plants help to relax and fight stress :

Mint: an ally against the sense of dissatisfaction

Who would have thought that mint, usually widely used to flavor dishes, would also prove to be of great help against stress? This plant seems to have great calming effects (for this reason it is often used for infusions and herbal teas) and would also help when feeling dissatisfied, disappointed or disillusioned. The mint then reconciles relaxation and in the home could prove a boon particularly fragrant, among other things.

Rosemary: perfect against stress (as well as in the kitchen)

If it doesn’t have any positive effect, you can certainly recycle it in the kitchen. But it would be really strange if it could not contribute to your well-being by reconciling relaxation because having the rosemary plant at home seems to contribute to removing stress and helping the mood. In fact, it would also have positive effects against that sense of weakness typical of too much work which leads to feeling overwhelmed by fatigue.

Jasmine: a fragrant sleep aid

Strange but true: in addition to having a calming power, the fragrance of jasmine would also have very positive effects for sleep. So, in case you have difficulty sleeping, it can be of great help. This plant, according to a study conducted by the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, would also have very positive effects against anxiety and nervousness.

Basil: the ally of good humor

Not only infusions and essential oils, but the scent of basil itself also seems that it could help to remove anxiety and put us in a good mood. In fact, this plant very common in Italy also because it is widely used in the kitchen (pesto, pizza, etc.) would promote tranquility, good humor, and relaxation within the home.

Lavender and its power to bring tranquility into the home

The ancient Romans apparently used to immerse themselves in waters perfumed with lavender flowers and it seems that they also used it to fight nausea, hiccups and intestinal pain. Having lavender at home would not only help to establish an atmosphere of peace and tranquility but also to wipe out negative thoughts and nervousness.

Orchid: good mood and cleaner air

It happens that when you are too stressed you feel in a bad mood. In addition to helping us breathe cleaner air, thanks to the ability to purify the air indoors, orchids would also have very positive effects on mood. It then appears that the shape of the flower itself is able to have a calming effect on the mind.

Valerian: the plant that combats stress par excellence

The plant par excellence that would help decrease stress levels would be valerian. In fact, it seems that this plant is not only able to perfume the environment but also to purify the air of the house and to instill a sense of peace within the home. Among other things, it seems to be an excellent ally against insomnia.

Hypericum: a soothing presence

St. John’s wort would have the ability to stimulate the production of serotonin and this would make it an ally against bad mood. A typical function of this plant would also be to stimulate the production of melatonin by performing a function in the control of restlessness and anxiety. If its name seems exotic, its appearance is not actually, in fact, it seems to be widespread practically all over the Peninsula.

Palma Areca: purifies the air and lowers blood pressure

The areca palm is a plant that would have the ability to purify the air inside the home. In fact, it would reduce the levels of toxic substances present in the air such as trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. Reducing the presence of these substances would help you breathe cleaner air, making your blood pressure drop and feel better, more relaxed.

Sansevieria or snake plant: lots of oxygen and tranquility

The sansevieria or snake plant would produce a lot of oxygen and would be able to absorb a hundred toxins present in the home air. In this way, it would help not only to breathe cleaner air, but also to reduce the headache due to stress and, in general, to make us feel less tired and more energetic.